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New trends in the development of door and window hardware accessories

Time:2018-09-12   Vist:186

The hardware lock industry is developing and the market structure is quietly changing. The original hardware store in the traditional hardware market, the era of a unique show of wind and rain has gone forever.

There are three main reasons for correcting this:

First, the state's macro-control policies have curbed inflation, controlled the overheated economy, and suppressed real estate. The property market has not been popular before. Consumers' enthusiasm for buying houses has quickly subsided, and hardware locks are closely related to real estate. More and more watchers, they do not decorate without buying a house, do not buy hardware without decoration.

Second, all real estate companies have introduced finely decorated houses. In order to save costs, they directly purchase goods from manufacturers instead of going to the traditional hardware market to get goods.

Third, the brand awareness of the major door factories is getting stronger and stronger, gradually launching their own brand hardware door locks, bypassing the traditional hardware market, and directly branding from the hardware factory. Therefore, hardware stores in the traditional market are getting harder and harder to do. On the contrary, the sales of hardware and locks in the specialty shops of the door factories are getting more and more popular. After the consumer buys the door, he can buy hardware by the way and complete one-stop shopping. This kind of shop can also provide locks and hinge openings, which are both accurate and fast, so it is possible to gradually replace the traditional hardware monopoly.

According to the analysis of the opening of the wood industry, the door factory and the hardware package have the following three forms:

First, just sell the door, regardless of hardware, hardware is provided by the specialty stores of each door factory according to the needs of customers;

Second, sell the door, do not force the hardware, if the customer has demand, match the hardware;

Third, the mandatory type of hardware, the door hole is opened when leaving the factory, the door of their own brand must be equipped with their own brand of hardware. With the development of the door enterprise and the establishment of the brand, this trend of forcing the hardware of its own brand is becoming more and more obvious. The quality of the locks and hinges in the hardware market is uneven, which will eventually lead to problems in the installation of the door. The person in charge of product installation and maintenance of the door and window said: "If the quality of the selected hinge is not good, the clearance is large and loose, after the door is installed, the door is somewhat drooping, the door is not smooth when it is opened and closed, and the terminal customer will complain about the door. The quality is not good, not the quality of complaints about hardware is not good. This will affect the brand image of the door enterprises." Door enterprises with their own brand of hardware is the inevitable trend of the development of the door enterprises, but also the only choice. If a door factory wants to strengthen its own brand, it must implement standardized and standardized management. Every lock needs to be opened, and there are hundreds of ways to open the hole. So many samples are placed in the workshop, and it is inevitable that the crown will be worn. Once the opening is deviated, the whole door will be scrapped and the loss will be too great.