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Increased demand for doors and windows hardware

Time:2018-09-12   Vist:188

Each year, more than 2 billion square meters of new houses are built in China, including rural areas, towns, and various public buildings. At present, China has 40 billion square meters of existing houses and 30 billion square meters in the next 10 years. According to the requirements of achieving a comprehensive well-off, one person per person, one set per household (120 square meters), and 35 square meters per person. Statistics show that China's current urban per capita is only 24.97 square meters, each household is only 79.15 square meters, the national average is still more than 10 square meters, each household is more than 40 square meters, this is only urban residential, rural, public Construction, and a lot of old house renovations. A building is estimated by the construction area, 10% is a window, 15% is a door, the annual new house is 2 billion square meters, and the demand for door and window hardware is more than 500 million square meters. This has brought new opportunities for the development of the building materials and decoration industry. With the improvement of living standards, improving living conditions has become another hot spot for people to consume.

Experts predict that in the next decade, the development of the decoration industry will be higher than the average speed of the construction industry. China is currently a long period of time since then, and economic development will always be in a special period of urbanization. Urbanization is the inevitable result of the development of the national economy. When the national economy develops to a certain stage, there will inevitably be a consumer market opportunity arising from the transfer of rural population. According to expert analysis, in the next fifteen years, China's urbanization process will continue to develop, which will bring unlimited business opportunities to the construction industry, building materials industry and building decoration and decoration industry, and will certainly bring great impetus to the development of the entire national economy. The in-depth reform of the housing system has provided a huge development space for the building decoration industry.

In the future, China's traditional building materials industry will adjust to the industrial structure, while improving product quality and increasing quality varieties, it will grow steadily. All kinds of decorative green functional materials that can meet the requirements of house decoration and decoration, improve the function of living, have no adverse effects on the human body and the environment, adapt to changes in demand structure and meet the requirements of sustainable development will become the mainstream and direction of development. Because of the excellent performance and economical practical value of formaldehyde-free, toluene-free, environmentally-friendly steel-wood doors and polymer doors, it has broad application prospects in the domestic market.